Trading Journey

The Journey

No one starts off an expert. It requires an individual to invest their time, money, and energy to become great at anything. This naturally applies to trading in the stock market. Unfortunately, a large number of the population think they'll walk into the stock market and become unbelievably wealthy within a few weeks or months. They blindly walk into the stock market without knowing anything and hope they will make it big. I hate to break it to you, but this is not how the stock market works and I can almost guarantee those that think this strategy will work are going to learn a hard lesson. You absolutely cannot walk into any field of life and think you're going to perform at an expert level. It requires hours of practice and even more time to become a professional. It is a sad reality, but most fail to succeed in the stock market because they simply lack the desire and effort to learn. Therefore, I am here to warn many people to not make this mistake and take your time. Of course even professionals will have losing trades, but if you're able to learn from your mistakes then you'll be that much closer to becoming profitable in the market. 

Take the necessary steps to become a better trader:

1.) Educate yourself 

Make sure you're learning the basic terms and strategies before playing in the stock market. If the terms day trading, swing trading, broker, power hour, volume, etc. aren't in your vocabulary you probably shouldn't be trading with real money yet. There are plenty of guides out there on the internet where you can familiarize yourself with the market terms. Study the market and understand the overall sentiment before entering any trade. 

2.) Find a Mentor

Just like any career you have to study by yourself and its insanely helpful to learn from an experienced trader. Although there are plenty of traders that have become successful learning on their own I can promise you that learning from someone else will do nothing but bring you benefit. When anyone learns a new hobby or sport they seek out a coach or mentor. Stock trading is the same thing and if you're able to find a mentor this will only benefit you. 

3.) Practice Paper Trading

This is one of the most practical steps you can take before trading in the stock market with real money. Paper trading is when you trade in the live stock market with "fake" money. Therefore, all winning or losing trades will be lessons learned in how you can trade in the future. Review all the trades taken and learn from them so that when the time comes you'll be able to apply them. 

Of course there are many other steps you can take to become a better trader, but these are just simple ways to become a better. I hope everyone continues to work hard for their own success! Don't give up and remember to be diligent and patient.

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