About Us


First, I’d like to Welcome you to the Kin Trading Community. Kin has prospered as one of the largest communities of active day traders and investors in the world. We are constantly evolving and desiring to become the best community out there.

We provide leading educational content to over 14,000+ active traders and over 300+ premium members with new traders joining every single day.

You may be thinking: “Why are there Thousands of traders coming to join us?

Its because we create profitable traders with a lifestyle full of freedom and independence. This is why the world trading family has gathered around this group of traders.

Although, we hope that every single trader becomes extremely successful this isn't quite possible. Therefore, our personal goal is to empower every single trader to find their own trading style and become confident in it. We hope to lay the foundation for all those attempting to learn more about the stock market and teach everyone to become a better trader.

I've personally grown my account over the years and taken on various challenges. Due to a high demand for an account increase from $1000 to over $100,000+ I accomplished that under one year! This is very possible for everyone and we're here to help everyone accomplish this.